A study on the growing tendency of students involved in the submersion program in Georgian schools and the effectiveness of its implementation

  • Author : "Elene (Lena) Jajanidze"
  • Topic : "submersion education, affermative action policy, bilingual education, teachers, minorty students"
  • Issue : 53
  • DOI : 10.22333/ijme.2021.17009
  • received : 03.05
  • revised: 04.06
  • accepted : 28.06
  • Pages : 1-24
  • Abstract : The article presents a brief overview of the introduction of bilingual education in Georgian schools. The main focus of the article is to study the issue of implementation and effectiveness of submersion classrooms. As a result of the qualitative resea
  • Download : A Study on the Growing Tendency of Students Involved in the Submersion Program.pdf